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Do I have to commit to your offer?

There are no obligations to accept a loan presented to you. If you do like an offer offer, you will still not be obligated until you sign the final loan commitment from the lender.

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How do I get started?
It is easy. Simply contact one of our associates at (818)-312-0831 and inform them you would like to speak with a member of our licensed staff regarding a home loan. You can also fill out the Loan Inquiry Form and a loan representative will contact you and take an application.

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What information do you collect?
We ask questions ranging from your employment, assets, debts, existing mortgage. We encourage you to gather your pay stub, last 2 year's income tax return, hazard insurance, copy of photo ID, bank statements and have them readily accessible. If you're refinancing your existing mortgage or looking for a line of credit, please let us know before the application process.
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How secure will my information be?
ASB Capital Group, Inc. uses secure technology to ensure that the data you send us is protected, confidential and secure.Please see our privacy policy or terms of use.
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Will you share or sell my information?
At ASB Capital Group, Inc., your privacy and security of your personal data are a priority. ASB Capital Group, Inc. will only release your personal information upon consent to lenders for approval.
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How many times does my credit report get pulled? Does this hurt my credit?
ASB Capital Group, Inc. will only request issuance of 1 credit report from Equifax, Transunion & Experian upon written consent. We then use this information to pre-qualify you with many lenders that we are approved with. Once pre-qualified, It is at the lenders discretion whether or not to pull your credit again.

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What is the range of FICO scores?
FICO (aka Classic or BEACON) scores can range from 300 to 850, but the majority of scores usually fall within the 600s and 700s.


How is my score calculated?
According to
-35% affects Payment History. Meaning any lates; collections; charge offs; bankruptcies; judgments; liens or the such will hurt the score. All is time based, the older the information the less it is contributing to the scores.

-30% affects Utilization. It is best to have several accounts with low balances distributed then it is to have fewer accounts maxed out. To figure utilization: Balance (divided) by Credit Limit = percentage. Lower than 10% recommended per account, this is one of the fastest means for increasing the over all credit score.

-15% affects Established History. The longer you maintain open accounts with creditors the better. When first starting out of course this is not easy; but this is where getting added as an Authorized User to another persons established credit comes in best. Remember that the contributor must have an account that has long history; clean payment record; high credit limit; and low balance. Also need to check with the creditor to insure that they have a policy to report authorized user accounts to all three major credit reporting agencies.

Note: Authorized user accounts are the best way to go; since you are not legally responsible for the debt rather than Joint or Co-Signer accounts. Also, if this account starts to report negatively; these accounts are usually easier to remove from the credit reports by either contacting the creditor and requesting termination of the relationship; or disputing through the CRAs.

*NOTE* FICO will no longer calculate AU accounts starting in Sept 2007 for one credit reporting agency, with the other two following suit in 2008. You now need to be a joint account holder to reap the benefits. More info:

-10% affects Inquiries. Don't apply for credit unless you know you can get it or that you need to get it; unnecessary credit inquiries are going to hurt the scores - especially if your over all credit file is small to begin with.

Tip: When applying for credit pull your own credit report first (this is a soft hit and won't drop your scores). With credit report in hand go visit your local banks or credit unions. Show them the reports; and don't allow them to pull a credit report of their own unless they can say for sure that you will be approved, this way you save your self unnecessary pulls on your credit report if they decline you. If they say yes, you are approved, then they will need to pull credit report to seal the deal.
Mortgage & Auto industry has special rules for inquiries: all applications for credit resulting in pulled credit reports within a 14 day period of time will only count as one inquiry & will be suppressed from affecting credit scores for 30 days. So if you plan to go shopping for a mortgage or a car, do your research first picking what companies you want to apply with and do this all within a 2 week period of time so that the scores are not affected too much.

-10% affects Mix of Credit. Use different types of credit (revolving; installment; auto; mortgage...) evenly.

Also remember the advice which a lender gives you is productive for getting a loan; but not always good for the credit scores. If they tell you to consolidate and close accounts be careful how you go about this, most people's compliance usually results in dropped credit scores. You are shrinking your overall available credit limit verses your balances... so remember you don't want to hurt the utilization by consolidating and closing accounts behind you.


What types of information are NOT used in calculating my FICO score?
1. Your race, color, religion, national origin, sex or marital status
2. Your age
3. Your salary, occupation, title, employer, date employed or employment history
4. Where you live
5. Certain types of inquiries such as promotional, account review, insurance or employment related inquiries
6. Any information not found in your credit file
7. Any information that is not proven to be a predictive of future credit performance


How often does my score change?
Your credit file is continually updated with new information from your creditors. The FICO score is calculated based on the latest "snapshot" of information contained in your file at the time the score is requested. Therefore, your FICO score from a month ago is probably not the same score a lender would get from the credit reporting agency today. Fluctuations are quite common.


Why are my scores different?
Your scores may be different at each of the three main credit reporting agencies as the FICO score only considers the data in your credit file from that agency. If your score from the three credit reporting agencies is different, it is probably because the information those agencies have on you differs. Also keep in mind that there is a different FICO formula for each credit reporting agency.


How can I improve my score?
It takes time and there is no quick fix. In fact, quick fix efforts can backfire. Scores reflect credit payment patterns over time with more emphasis on recent information. The best advice is to manage your credit responsibly over time. Scores automatically improve, as one's overall credit picture gets better. That means showing a historical pattern of paying your bills on time and using credit conservatively.

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Do you have Lenders who deal with less-than-perfect credit?
Yes! We have Lenders who work with borrowers with perfect credit and not-so-perfect credit. Although we can't guarantee that you'll get a loan, we will do our best to bring you the best offer to the table
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What if I don't qualify for a loan?
If we can't qualify you for a home loan, we will notify you as soon as possible. We are always forging business partnerships with new Lenders, so please continue to check back.
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How can I check on the credibility of ASB Capital Group, Inc.?
We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. Please visit to view our rating. 
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What are your closing costs?
Each situation is different and a predefined set of closing costs cannot be determined right away. Often times lenders provide incentives that will help borrowers with there closing costs. As soon as one of our qualified representatives is able to negotiate a commitment with a bank, please request a copy of a good faith estimate if one has not already been sent to you.
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What if I don't want to give you my social security number?
We request your social security number to ensure that we receive accurate information from the credit reporting agency. Our Lenders evaluate the information they receive in your loan request as well as the information contained within your credit report. We assure you your social security number will be used solely for qualification purposes.. If you are worried about privacy, please check our privacy policy to see how ASB Capital Group, Inc. protects your information.


How is ASB Capital Group, Inc. better than other lenders?
ASB Capital Group, Inc. offers you low rates and fast approvals. Our rates are consistently among the lowest in the nation and we can usually approve a loan within 24 hours of receipt of all documentation.


What other advantages does ASB Capital Group, Inc. offer me?
You'll be served by a financially-strong and experienced loan specialist. Our company has gained a national reputation as an industry-leader in mortgage lending and servicing.   We are a company you can trust. A company that will treat you with respect, courtesy and absolute integrity. Most important, our Loan Advisors are exceptional at helping you identify the loan that is most advantageous to your goals and financial situation.


Can I get pre-approved for a loan before I choose a house to buy?
Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you apply for a pre-approval letter to show the realtor or home seller when you find a house. A pre-approval letter evidences you're a serious buyer and indicates the approximate loan amount you can afford. An application is necessary for a pre-approval letter. 


How do I submit an application?
Just click Apply Here on our Home Page. The application is easy to complete. If you need help, just call 1-818-312-0831 and a Loan Advisor will assist you by phone. Once all your information is entered correctly, just click Submit.


Who will contact me once I have submitted an application?
When you submit an application to ASB Capital Group, Inc., you'll be assigned a Loan Representative who will answer your questions and explain the different programs available. Additionally, there may be more information necessary to expedite your application through the loan process. That's the kind of attentive, responsive service you can expect from ASB Capital Group.


What do I do after I've submitted my loan application?
Within 2 business days, you' will receive a phone call from us to verify all of the information submitted as well given a list of additional documents we'll need to complete your loan application. Fax or Mail them back to us as soon as possible so we can expedite your transaction.


How can I check the status of my loan application?
You can call your Loan Advisor at any time. 


How quickly will my loan be approved?
ASB Capital Group, Inc. provides service as expeditious as possible. Once you have submitted all necessary information and documentation, you will be notified within 24 hours.


How will I know what my loan interest rate is and when do I get it?
Once your application and all documentation are received by ASB Capital Group, Inc. we will notify you by email or telephone that your application package has been received. Because interest rates change on a daily basis, ASB Capital Group, Inc. will call you to lock your loan. You can then lock-in--at no cost to you--for 30 days. Rates can not be guaranteed if the transaction does not close before the Rate Lock Expiration.


Who will order the home appraisal and when will it happen?
ASB Capital Group, Inc. will order the appraisal once all your documentation has been received and reviewed. Upon written request, a copy of the appraisal will be provided to you. 


I've had credit problems in the past, should I forget about buying a home?
Absolutely not. Call 1-818-312-0831 and talk to one of our Loan Advisors. We can determine if any previous or current credit problems might disqualify you from applying at this time and provide direction on how you can resolve those problems and improve your credit worthiness. The important thing is to call us. We offer a variety of mortgage programs for people with less than perfect credit and we will do everything we can to get you the loan you need.
How can I make sure the information on my Credit Report is correct?
Your Credit Report reflects the information reported to the credit bureaus by each of your creditors. The information changes each time something is added or deleted form your credit file. For example: paying off an account, opening a new credit account or making a late payment on one of your accounts will appear on your credit record. To be certain your credit file is correct, request a copy of your credit report periodically. If you think an entry is in error, notify the appropriate credit bureau and ask that errors be corrected. You can request a copy of your credit report from either of these two credit bureaus: Experian or Equifax.


What loan products does ASB Capital Group, Inc. offer?
We offer all conventional fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans as well as cash out loans and loans for borrowers with less than perfect credit 


Why do homeowners refinance and would it be smart for me?
Homeowners refinance to accomplish a variety of goals, but for one basic reason: to save money. To save money by getting a lower interest rate. To save money by using a tax-deductible loan (the refinance) to pay off non-tax-deductible debt. That's tax smart! People most commonly use a refinance to:

  • Convert a higher interest rate mortgage to a lower interest rate mortgage
  • Lower their cost of debt by converting non-tax-deductible debt, such as credit cards or car loans, to tax-deductible mortgage debt.
  • Convert an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate
  • Consolidate a first and second mortgage into one lower-rate mortgage
  • To get cash for family needs/expenses (tuition, medical expenses, etc.)


How soon will I know if my Refinance has been approved?
Once your application has been received you will be notified as soon as possible.